What’s New…

Version 3.0.155&56(4/12/2015)

  • Fixed Bulk Emailing issue

Version 3.0.154(5/11/2015)

  • Added ability to search by Invoice Number to POS Invoice Search
  • POS Credit Card Surcharge now saves the last value used for future transactions

Version 3.0.153(15/10/2015)

  • Fixed Overbooking issue – has been randomly occurring since last update
  • Fixed issue with changing the Sale Date in the POS not sticking for Invoice Payments
  • Fixed problem with Sale by Category report not working when hitting a NULL in the database
  • Added ‘Void’ sound to Session and Attendance Self Service

Version 3.0.152(09/08/2015)

  • Fixed timeout issue with POS Categorised Sales
  • Added ability to change student levels when changing class level
  • Added new attendance status ‘Finish’ that when specified cancels the student out of the class for the specified date of the attendance record
  • Fixed problem with date format on Invoice Search form not appearing in correct format
  • Change the print date on all reports to reflect timezone in which it is printed

Version 3.0.152(19/06/2015)

  • Fixed problem with class occupancy report not using the date chosen for the report correctly
  • Added permission for the ‘Makeups Owing Report’
  • Fixed problem sending SMS bookings to Parent when not opening children first

Version 3.0.151(16/05/2015)

  • Added ability to clear ‘Makeups Owing’ on all members from the Makeups Owing Report
  • Altered Class Availability to default to Normal lessons and pushed the end date out to 3 months
  • Added Make up count warning when booking make ups. The system will now advise the number make ups a member has previously booked in the past 70 days (approx 10 weeks).
  • Altered the Family Bookings docket receipt to include Makeups, Logo and larger font
  • Changed the display of student name on the attendance dialog to appear as Firstname + Surname, was previously Surname, Firstname which was inconsistent with class reports
  • Added ability to add more than one invoice to a sale in the POS providing it’s the same member and you’ll be paying the entire amount of all invoices combined (i.e. No part payments when paying multiple invoices)
  • Fixed bug where paying an invoice didn’t refresh Members underlying invoice until you changed tabs
  • Added POS Stock Report

Version 3.0.150(16/04/2015)

  • Amended Waitlist report – added notes field and removed priority and mobile number
  • Altered Member Query – Active Member Bookings list now include Outstanding Amount
  • Added additional ‘Members Owing Money with Bookings’ option to the Member Query
  • Removed Time (Seconds) from the Booking Summary on Invoices
  • Added ability to specify whether to print classes on invoices when sending email to all those via the ‘Email Outstanding Invoices’ option
  • Improved performance of the Bulk Invoice Wizard. This should now complete much faster once initial query performed

Version 3.0.149(19/03/2015)

  • Fixed problem with Paypal Link on Invoices having incorrect email address for payee
  • Fixed problem with Scheduler locking up when Max Students on class set to zero
  • Fixed problem with Emailing members with $0.00 outstanding balances
  • Added new Waitlist Report
  • Added note to Waitlist
  • Fixed problem with Enrolment and Enquiry pages stretching image

Version 3.0.148(24/02/2015)

  • Added ability to print classes to a docket printer (from the family members tab on the parent)
  • Fixed problem with docket receipts not fitting to page
  • Fixed problem with Scheduler showing future dated classes

Version 3.0.147(18/02/2015)

  • Added new Waitlist function, see following post for further details Waiting List
  • Enhanced the Scheduler – Added attendees, % Full and improved loading times
  • Fixed rounding problem when attempting to complete a Credit sale
  • Added [FL] (First Lesson) abbreviation to class reports when necessary
  • Altered the Members Teachers Comments to extend further across page

Version 3.0.146(31/12/2014)

  • Improved performance of several reports that occasionally timed out
  • Added Note field to Instructors
  • Fixed problem with Class reports not filtering by note

Version 3.0.145(18/12/2014)

  • Implemented the ability to add both Web Enquiries and Enrolments to your website. If you’re interested in this, please contact Marcus for more information. It simply involves adding a link/button to your own website. The enquiries/enrolments are saved directly in Smartswim.
  • Fixed SMS Bookings function to not rely on flag in Business Settings

Version 3.0.144(11/12/2014)

  • Altered the Direct Debit viewer to prompt for password when generating Credit Card files
  • Some minor mods to adhere to PCI compliance

Version 3.0.143(10/12/2014)

  • Changed date sensitive reports to default to the date of your specified timezone
  • Alter the SMS class additions process to ask whether to send an SMS

Version 3.0.142(6/12/2014)

  • Added ability to specify whether to print classes on Bulk Invoices and when emailing single invoices to members
  • Updated the Member Portal
  • Added ability to SMS Class additions to Parents – New option added to My Business module SMS Class Additions when selected an SMS will be sent to the parent/guardian with a summary of the families bookings. If you do not have enough SMS credits and email will be sent to the email specified in the My Business module to advise same. There is also a link on the parents/guardians details, in particular on the Family Members tab called SMS Bookings that gives you the ability to SMS the same details whenever desired.
  • Many of the Tiles on the Dashboard now open relevant reports or modules, for example, the number of Outstanding Invoices tile opens the Outstanding Invoices report.
  • Added Makeup Owing report for those swim schools that track owing Makeups
  • Added 3 new tiles to the Dashboard. Note the Birthdays tile enables you to email those with birthdays TODAY.
  • Added a friendly ‘Toast’ message that appears when you open a members details and it’s their birthday. This message also appears on the attendance dialog whenever it’s someones birthday.
  • Added the ability to use [Firstname], [Surname] & [Business Name] on relevant bulk styled emails. For example, if you want to send an email/sms to all students on a given day and make the message a little more personal, you can use the [Firstname] field which will be replaced at send time with the members firstname.

Version 3.0.141(27/11/2014)

  • Made font a little larger throughout the program
  • Changed the Wait Dialog
  • Added extra fields to Member Notes – Ability to show notes on Members Portal if desired
  • Updated the Member Portal to show relevant notes – Did you know you can now upload Video to YouTube or Vimeo and add the URL/Link to a Members note for them to view in the Portal?
  • Fixed problem with Fields not uploading correctly

Version 3.0.140(20/11/2014)

  • Fixed problem with Occupancy Reports counting Inactive Class Level classes
  • Fixed problem with PayPal IPN

Version 3.0.138-39(18/11/2014)

  • Fixed problem with Booking Dockets not printing
  • Added Address and Dependents to the Member Query -> Members with Active Bookings
  • Added PayPal button to Invoice when PayPal enabled

Version 3.0.137(13/11/2014)

  • Fixed problem with Category Report
  • Enabled the ability to amend Stock on Hand values when you have permission to do so
  • Added new Level Capacity report

Version 3.0.135 & 136(6/11/2014)

  • Amended Bulk Invoice Wizard to work with Inactive parents
  • Fixed a problem on the Sales by Category report not showing items under a specific condition

Version 3.0.134(14/10/2014)

  • Fixed problem with Member Barcodes not removing sessions
  • Enabled the fields on the Invoices Items screen to be editable

Version 3.0.132/33(13/10/2014)

  • Fixed problem with Attachments not working on the Member Query Wizard
  • Fixed problem with Scheduler emailing not applicable members

Version 3.0.131(8/10/2014)

  • Added ‘Credit Card Surcharge’ to relevant reports, previously wasn’t displayed
  • Fixed rounding issues – Rounding now only occurs when paying by cash, all other payment methods don’t round. Rounding will also appear on relevant reports so as to balance correctly.

Version 3.0.129/30 (2/10/2014)

  • Added ability to assign any member to another family/parent/guardian (Notice the new white Assign link next to the Is Active check box)
  • Removed the Remove link from the Family Members page as the new assign link replaces this functionality
  • Added the ability to add additional items to an Invoice Sale, saving the hassle of starting a separate sale
  • Changed the Cash Sale Receipts to display a number rather than the current long alphanumeric ID
  • Added the ability to add attachments to Emails (NOTE : BETA – Needs some live site testing, please advise ASAP if issues arise)

Version 3.0.128 (19/9/2014)

  • Fixed problem with Occupancy reports displaying classes starting in future
  • Added additional Session Pass functionality for swim schools using these exclusively

Version 3.0.127 (07/9/2014)

  • Added new Dashboard to Home Page with 9 stats
  • Added Age to all Instructor Reports

Version 3.0.126 (01/9/2014)

  • Added Invoice Date to both the A4 and Docket Invoices
  • Added the Print Bookings parameter to the A4 Invoice – By default this is switched off
  • Fixed problem with Class List with Owing Amounts not correctly catering for written off payments
  • Added Member Message History refresh upon clicking the Member Refresh button
  • Fixed problem with new members not having the Makeups Owing field initialized with zero

Version 3.0.125 (30/7/2014)

  • The Scheduler now stores whether a class has been completely marked off
  • Changed Refund procedure to always negate values regardless of what has been entered
  • Added the ability to delete saved email templates
  • Added the ability to print class changes to a docket printer

Version 3.0.123/24 (14/7/2014)

  • Fixed problem with Invoices not generating under a specific circumstance

Version 3.0.122 (7/7/2014)

  • Fixed problem with Proficiencies not showing during a specific circumstance.
  • Added Deselect button to the Direct Debit Viewer and fixed problem with Select All button.

Version 3.0.121 (3/7/2014)

  • Added ability to track owing make ups, please contact Marcus if you want to know more.

Version 3.0.120 (30/6/2014)

  • Fixed problem with printing reports to a Docket Printer

Version 3.0.119 (24/6/2014)

  • Added family class details to invoices
  • Added the ability to upload files to Members. These files can be viewed by members on the portal if specified. You’ll be able to upload video and photos from the iPad app in the coming week. This service costs an additional $20AUD per month. Please contact Marcus for further information.

Version 3.0.118 (20/6/2014)

  • Fixed problem with Writing off Invoices not saving after editing items
  • Fixed problem with future attendance marking from the booking details not saving correctly. Was a Timezone issue.

Version 3.0.116 & 117 (10/6/2014)

  • Added Display Sequence to Custom Fields to show them in an order of your choosing.
  • Fixed problem with Custom Fields not showing for newly created members

Version 3.0.115 (22/5/2014)

  • Fixed problem with second and subsequent student fee calculations when someone has a different Price Matrix.
  • Changed the Cancel button on the Makeup Charge dialog box to also create an Invoice

Version 3.0.114 (14/5/2014)

  • Added some extra error handling for sudden connectivity loss
  • Added extra Saving mechanisms
  • Increased size of Azure Instance from Small to Medium
  • Added alert for when you attempt to close the browser without using the Logout button. IMPORTANT : Closing the browser without first clicking the Logout button doesn’t save uncommitted changes.

Version 3.0.113 (12/5/2014)

  • Re-Added the Class Availability button to the Scheduler and included altered functionality inline with Family and Member Availability
  • Added some behind the scenes logging for better error resolution

Version 3.0.111 & 112 (8/5/2014)

  • Added additional PayPal functionality
  • Removed Invoices owing cents from the Outstanding Invoice Report – This was a rounding issue.
  • Added ability to flag an Invoice to appear on the next Direct Debit run
  • Added Family Availability (Button added to parents details)

Version 3.0.110 (29/4/2014)

  • Added Refresh button on Members details to refetch details from the database. This was for multi computer swim schools that made a change on one PC but couldn’t see the changes on the other due to the data being cached.
  • Fixed problem with Price Matrix incorrectly charging a lower rate when a second or more class was cancelled
  • Added ability to Transfer Invoice Overpayment to another invoice

Version 3.0.109 (28/4/2014)

  • Fixed problem with some Attendances not saving against the correct day
  • Removed Invoices from the POS Payments tab on the members details

Version 3.0.108 (28/4/2014)

  • Fixed problem with over booked classes. Notice how availability now asks for the class type beforehand, the same as Smartsport did.
  • Fixed problem with Sticky Notes not saving. This wasn’t just the Sticky Notes, it was everything on the Members details when you didn’t tab out of a field prior to switching to a different module or member.
  • Deck Supervisors List now sorted alphabetically by surname rather than firstname
  • Instructor reports now have the date started the level as well as headers
  • Fixed problem with future attendances not saving
  • Added prompt when marking off attendances in the future
  • Added ability to delete attendances from the members attendance details not the class itself.
  • Re-added the Remove link on the Family Members button. This allows you to remove a family member and either move them to a different family or make them an adult which allows you to mark as inactive.
  • Added ability to delete an inactive class from a members class history. This can only happen if no attendance records exist.
  • Added a ‘TODAY’ link on the scheduler to quickly navigate back to today’s date
  • Altered the Product Sales by Category Report – This has been renamed to ‘Sales by Category’ and now includes Invoice Payments categorised by Student Levels.

Version 3.0.107 (14/4/2014)

  • Implemented Client Portal
  • Changed the ‘Takings by Payment Method’ & ‘Takings by Tender’ to include Invoice Payments
  • Fixed ‘Sales’, ‘Product Sales’ and ‘Product Sales by Category’ reports to not include Invoice Payments – This was previously incorrect. A new Service based report is coming in the next update.

Version 3.0.106 (3/4/2014)

  • Changed the start date on the Bulk Invoice to default to today’s date
  • Added new ‘Make Up Report’
  • Added ‘New Member Report’ to allow you to see new members between date ranges
  • Added new 30/60/90 day outstanding invoice report

Version 3.0.105 (24/3/2014)

  • Changed the View/Edit Invoice items option to be available for invoices with paid amounts
  • Altered the Class & Instructor Reports to allow you to filter by the class note. Handy for Holiday Programs etc.
  • Fixed problem with Occupancy Report incorrectly calculating future bookings
  • Altered Teacher Comments to be bold on reports – was too light when printed
  • Added Instructor Reports with Teacher Notes

Version 3.0.104 (24/3/2014)

  • Fixed problem with Make Ups, Free and Trial lessons not appearing on Scheduler until after 11am. This was a Timezone problem that has now been rectified.

Version 3.0.103 (21/3/2014)

  • Added ability to record attendances directly from Member Booking details
  • Altered Class Reports to keep time slots together rather than spilling over to next page
  • Added Note to Member Booking details so those that use it as location can view quickly
  • Added Members Age and Name to the Personal Details title

Version 3.0.102 (10/3/2014)

  • Fixed problem with Cancelled Make Ups still appearing in Scheduler
  • Allowed unpaid Make Up Invoices to be deleted if they are cancelled
  • Extended the length of Phone number fields on instructors to cater for UK and other country formats
  • Integrated SMS for UK clients

Version 3.0.100-101 (5/3/2014)

  • Added SSL certificate – you can now access Smartswim directly by using https://www.smartswim.com.au or by going to http://smartswim.cloudapp.net you are automatically redirected to the SSL secured site.
  • Added Email search to Member Details – you can now search for a member if you know all of or part of their email address
  • Added Outstanding column on Member Invoice details
  • Fixed bug with Member details not correctly initializing with correct tab showing
  • Removed the brackets from Weekly charged classes from Invoices.

Version 3.0.97-99 (3/3/2014)

  • Added additional permissions to lock down system functions.
  • Added ‘Trial’ Lesson types
  • Added Sticky Note to Member details
  • Fixed bug in Bulk Invoice Wizard and Direct Debit facility

Version 3.0.96 (25/2/2014)

  • Added ability to allow logins between times – Stops non management staff from using the system after hours if required.

Version 3.0.95 (24/2/2014)

  • Added ability to charge a fee for Make Ups
  • Added Docket Receipt Printing when inside the browser

Version 3.0.93/94 (20/2/2014)

  • Added Logo to Home Screen
  • Added Direct Debit Status Report
  • Added ability to add/edit unpaid Invoice Items

Version 3.0.92 (13/2/2014)

  • Changed all Class and Instructor Reports to have ability to print in Regular (Small) font or when unticked, reports print with larger font
  • Fixed issue with Refund Process

Version 3.0.91 (11/2/2014)

  • Added Students level to Custom Field Query Report and added alphabetic surname sort
  • Increased the font size on the Class Reports and toggled layout slightly
  • Added Short Desc. to Proficiency Screen
  • Added some groups to the reporting menu

Version 3.0.90 (10/2/2014)

  • Fixed problem with Custom Field Query Report

Version 3.0.89 (9/2/2014)

  • Added SMS and Email ability to an entire day on the scheduler
  • Added ‘Class List with incomplete proficiencies’ report
  • Added ‘Instructor List with incomplete proficiencies (Single)’ report
  • Added ‘Instructor List with incomplete proficiencies (All)’ report
  • Added ‘Daily Occupancy Report’
  • Added ‘Weekly Occupancy Report’
  • Added ‘Custom Field Query Report’

Version 3.0.88 (3/2/2014)

  • Fixed invoice Tender issue
  • Fixed problem with Invoice Payments box not updating/refreshing
  • Fixed problem with the ‘Regenerate’ Invoice function
  • Added ‘Write off Reason’ when writing off an invoice

Version 3.0.87 (2/2/2014)

  • Allowed the POS to accept a zero dollar sale – Caters for Staff discounting
  • Fixed random ‘Hanging’ issue when logging out
  • Added a POS button on the member details to quickly navigate to the POS
  • Minor bug fixes

Version 3.0.86 (26/1/2014)

  • Fixed speed issue with displaying Family Members on the Bulk Invoice
  • Changed the POS transaction buttons to a darker color and larger font
  • Changed the POS transactions tab to load quicker
  • Extended the length of the teacher comment field
  • Darkened the color of the Navigation buttons – were a little too light in direct sunlight
  • Changed the font of the Attendance windows to be darker student names
  • Increased the speed of the Availability Tab
  • Darkened the color of the buttons on the Tender window
  • Increased the speed of the Member Query Wizard
  • Changed the Users list to be ordered alphabetically

Version 3.0.80-85 (29/11/2013)

  • Multiple small bug fixes

Version 3.0.79 (13/11/2013)

  • Added ‘Member Address Listing’ report – Can be used to export to Excel and mail merge or create labels
  • Azure Second Instance introduced to ensure 99.95% uptime guarantee

Version 3.0.76-78 (12/11/2013)

      • Added Instructor Notes to the ‘Class List with owing amounts’ report
      • Added new ‘No Show Report’
      • Added new ‘Free Lesson Report’
      • Streamlined all reports to process quicker
      • Added ‘Member Query’ wizard. Please review following blog post on usage – http://www.smartsport.com.au/blog/member-query-wizard.html

Version 3.0.75 (06/11/2013)

Version 3.0.74 (05/11/2013)

        • Fixed problem with Attendances saving with the wrong date/time in the mornings – This was a Time Zone issue as explained in version 73 update.
        • Fixed Member Notes saving with the wrong date as above.
        • Changed the background image of Smartswim

Version 3.0.73 (04/11/2013)

        • Fixed problem with POS Sales not always showing – This was a Time Zone issue due to the fact that Smartswim is hosted data centers in South East Asia where the date being stored in the database was Universal Time rather than the time on the users localized time. POS reports have also been amended to work correctly from this day forward. Apologies for this unforeseen issue, no sales were lost, some were recorded with the previous days date depending on the time sales were recorded.
        • Fixed problem with Smartswim auto logging out when performing Bulk Invoice run

Version 3.0.72 (21/10/2013)

        • Added Connection Status Circle on Main Menu. This is predominantly green, however, it will turn red when your internet drops out. Its there as a visual indicator to alert you to check your internet connection to ensure all data changes are saved.
        • Fixed problem with Invoice Payments not saving under specific conditions
        • Added a 20 minute timeout – If you don’t click your left mouse button or use your keyboard for 20 minutes, you are taken back to the login screen
        • Added another tab to the POS to show Invoice Payments made

Version 3.0.71 (13/10/2013)

        • Added Birthday Report
        • Fixed bug when completing a POS transaction – Incorrectly allowed you to complete a sale without entering a tender

Version 3.0.67-70

        • iPad/iPhone internal changes

Version 3.0.66 (22/9/2013)

        • Added Email Templates (This allows you to save emails for later use, it includes all formatting)
        • Added Fast Docket Printing and Cash Drawer functionality
        • POS Transaction tab now refreshes after completing a sale
        • Message History tab now refreshes once an email or SMS has been sent

Version 3.0.55-65

        • Minor Bug Fixes

Version 3.0.55 (1/8/2013)

        • Added new ‘All Outstanding Invoices Report’

Version 3.0.48 – 54

        • Made some behind the scene changes for iPad version

Version 3.0.47 (24/7/2013)

        • Fixed problem with Invoicing Merchandise
        • Fixed random class booking issue

Version 3.0.46 (22/7/2013)

        • Added debug logging

Version 3.0.45 (19/7/2013)

        • Altered landscape reports to now be portrait
        • Smartswim now oData compliant
        • Altered class pricing matrix to be 4 decimal places
        • Added ‘Out of Browser’ support

3.0.44 (10/7/2013)

      • Added Credit Card Surcharge button to POS Tender window
      • Added additional Instructor All report