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Browser Cache

All browsers cache web pages for faster access. Browser Caching is a process whereby the browser keeps a copy of previously visited websites and pages in its own storage container for faster loading the next time the site is visited. Problem is, all browsers handle this process differently so it can be a little tricky […]


Smartswim Actions

Smartswim HTML5

Smartsports Pty Ltd is pleased to announce the general availability of Smartswim 4.0. This new version of Smartswim is to run in parallel with Smartswim 3.0 (Silverlight) for approx. 60 days pending user acceptance. Data for both systems is to be considered ‘live’ as both systems point to the same underlying database. Smartswim 4.0 will […]

Member Query Wizard

A new feature introduced into Smartswim is the Member Query Wizard. This wizard can be found by clicking Setting -> Smartswim Options -> Member Query. Once started, the wizard asks for the type of Members you would like to find as per below; Select the type of Members you would like to see from one of […]