Smartswim HTML5

Smartsports Pty Ltd is pleased to announce the general availability of Smartswim 4.0. This new version of Smartswim is to run in parallel with Smartswim 3.0 (Silverlight) for approx. 60 days pending user acceptance. Data for both systems is to be considered ‘live’ as both systems point to the same underlying database.

Smartswim 4.0 will happily run in all modern browsers such as IE, Chrome, Firefox, Edge and Safari. Please also know that Smartswim will operate in full on iPads, Android Tablets and Windows Tablets. You will also discover it will operate on most if not all Smart Phones, however, due to the limited screen size, it may become rather tedious to resize?


While the look and feel has changed, the data flow and structure remain the same. Everything you can do in Smartswim 3.0 should be available in Smartswim 4.0. While every attempt has been made to avoid system errors (AKA ‘Bugs’), we’re sure there will be teething issues hence the reason we’re running the old version in parallel for approx. 60 days. In this time, could you please email any issues found to

POS Customisation

Smartswim 4.0 no longer has the ability to customize the POS. This was a conscience decision based on implementing a cleaner and easier solution. Therefore, please find below new way of setting up your POS;

  • ¬†Products should belong to Categories and can have a color assigned. Whenever you create a Product that your swim school sells, make sure you assign a Category. The product will then appear inside this Category in the POS.
  • Categories can be assigned a color and appear in alphabetic order in the POS

Please follow the below set of images;

1. Smartswim Category

Smartswim Category

2. Smartswim Product

Smartswim Product

3. POS Results after Products assigned to Categories

Smartswim POS

Bulk Invoicing

The mechanism behind the bulk invoice process is essentially the same. The significant difference is that the process is managed ‘Server Side’ so you will be able to use Smartswim as normal without needing to wait for the bulk invoice process to complete. An email is sent to the email address you specify in the ‘My Business’ module upon success or failure of the process. The email will detail the invoices created similar to the below;

Bulk Invoice

Ezidebit Clients

Ezidebit clients must organize a time with Ezidebit to migrate to their new platform before using Ezidebit features in Smartswim 4.0. Please email us if you require further information.

Member Actions

Significant actions that previously appeared on relevant tabs on the Members details in Smartswim 3.0 now appear inside the ‘Actions’ button as illustrated below;

Smartswim Actions

Everything else in Smartswim 4.0 should be relatively intuitive and easy to migrate from Smartswim 3.0.

A comprehensive Instruction Manual for the entire system will be available for download on the 1st September 2016 or before.