Member Query Wizard

A new feature introduced into Smartswim is the Member Query Wizard. This wizard can be found by clicking Setting -> Smartswim Options -> Member Query.

Once started, the wizard asks for the type of Members you would like to find as per below;

Select the type of Members you would like to see from one of the above options and click the Next button.

Once you have chosen the type of Members, you will be presented with a summary of all Members matching your criteria as illustrated below;

Click the Next button once satisfied with the results and to progress to the next page of the wizard.

The next and last page of the wizard asks what you would like to do with the members it has found matching your criteria, you have three (3) options;

1. SMS (Text Message)

2. Email

3. CSV (Excel Compatible file)

If you choose to sent SMS, a dialog like the below appears where you can enter your message;

If you choose Email, the Email Message screen will appear as illustrated below;

And when you choose CSV, a Save Dialog will appear asking you where you would like to save the file to.

Now, if you look closely as the Email Message screen above you will see [Firstname] in square brackets, what does this mean? It means that you can use any of the fields (column names) from the Summary screen in your message and at the point of sending, it’ll replace the square brackets with the actual value of the field. Therefore using the example above, the email would change from Dear [Firstname] to Dear Justine. All the visible fields on the summary screen are available to be converted at runtime, this allows you to get a little more personal with your messages and for example, send a message to all members owing money with the value they owe by using the [Outstanding] key word.

This transformation also occurs for SMS messages.

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